What people are saying:
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"The retreat was a multidimensional experience for me. I was able to draw out the emotional, psychological and spiritual self in a safe, supportive environment. The leaders gave many tools to help me move forward with the knowledge I acquired during the retreat". Pat D.​​

"I signed up for this retreat looking for relaxation and to focus on my spiritual self, but it was so much more than that.  We laughed, we cried, we built friendships and learned tools to create positivity and renewed focus in our lives. Highly recommend!"
Shannon J.

"The retreat surpassed my expectations.  It lead to clarification of several issues in my life, assisted with clearing out energies that were holding me back and has lead me to make significant changes in my daily life.  It helped me focus  on living my life more spiritually again, and utilizing more of the special abilities I have been neglecting.  Brenda and Wendy are amazing facilitators-- leading meditations, assisting us in recognizing and developing our intuition,  and supporting us as we began to show signs of change, even within the first day of the retreat."
Stephanie T.

"The retreat was amazing.  I connected with a tribe of women in a profoundly caring and encouraging atmosphere.  Brenda and Wendy have a way of making you feel comfortable and willing to share things about yourself with zero judgement. I was able to dig deep, let things go, and discover things about myself, while feeling validated and supported.  I came out of this experience more awakened. It gave me the confidence I need to really be myself and listen to my intuition."
Kim T.

"I am deeply moved by the experience I had today in the Sacred Circle. The gift you are offering to the world is truly needed. The people you attract, the pure positive intention you hold, and the incredible growth you inspire in all that you touch is nothing less than phenomenal. I thank you from my deepest heart." Leah B.

"The Indigo Doors is a warm beautiful place it has so much to offer, a place that can help you find serenity and meditation and to grow within yourself and your life;   Everyone that works here is here for a better way of life. And they are the most beautiful individuals Inside and out" Cari B.

"My sister and i attended the intuitive painting class with wendy last night and to say it was awesome is an understatement! Wendy has a beautiful gift in which shared with us openly- it wasn’t just a class but an experience - i truly enjoyed myself and learned so much. I was touched deeply by this experience and feel blessed to have found the indigo doors and to have met Wendy"  Dana S.

"I went to my first event last night and I felt like I was among cherished old friends. My experience exceeded my expectations. 
If you are seeking better balance, healing, or just somewhere you’ll feel unconditionally supported and enthusiastically encouraged by a thriving and welcoming community, don’t hesitate to stop in or sign up for an event online-  I can’t wait to go back!"  Stefani M.

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