The Wellness Center
Here within our building we offer a wide range of products and services by collaborating with other healers, practitioners and other holistic businesses.   This allows us to create a large community where we help eachother grow and prosper.  
One of our missions is to work together to make a better world.  One way to do that is to offer our combined strengths and knowledge to create a plethora of services to fit your needs.
We want you to enter the space and feel as if weight has been lifted off your shoulders and when you leave you feel life a different person.  We understand the stress of everyday life and have a variety of services to help people feel restored, more connected and energized to continue to do the work you do. 
We feel blessed to be apart of peoples journey.  

Energy Healing

Quantum Healing

Indigo Art Studio

Remedy Room and Gift Shop

Intuitive Readings with Art

Pranic Healing

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