Spirit Art

Spirit painting is the process of bridging the other side, tapping into the creative source and materializing it into a painting and drawing.  These paintings are personal and have messages for the individual.  Each painting is infused with the energy of the message.  These paintings can be specific spirit guides, spirit animals, angels and their messages to you.  These paintings are both aesthetically beautiful and a connection to the other side.

Below are examples of a few readings and spirit guide potraits including the one I did above.  Though you may or may not respond to them, they are very personal to the recipient and I consider sacred.

A complimentary message card will be posted to you on the back of each completed drawing or painting.  Artist quality materials are used for your sacred work.

I will need you to email me a photo of yourself for me to use as a focus point when tuning in to channel the drawing.  Once complete I will mail you the drawing or painting to the address you will provide.

When you place the order I will contact you as to when you can expect to receive your drawing and message card.  If it is an urgent request please contact me beforehand to ensure I am able to complete your drawing within the desired time

Spirit Guide Drawings and Paintings
Sizes starting at 8.5x11
Black and white drawing: $150
Color Drawing: $175
Full Rendered Painting: $265 (12x16) larger options available

Spirit Readings:

Colored readings-$90

Order your Spirit Guide Drawing or Painting by filling out the form below.  Once I recieve the order, I will contact you for payment.  We accept all major credit cards.

You can also order your drawing or painting by calling us at 586-359-2959

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