Family Zen Parties

This fun filled family even includes activities with the whole family! Aan art activity, Mindfulness meditation. Yoga including partner poses,  and an essential oil activity. Light refreshments will be included throughout the event.

Art Activity

For the month of February the art activity will be a painting.

In March the family will create a fairy garden. 

Room Spray

This will include theraputic grade essential oils that the whole family will learn about. The family will determine which oils they like best and create their own unique room sprays for the home.


The family will participate in a guided mediation and learn the benefits of being mindful. 


The family will learn and participate in basic Yoga poses. The family will learn more about the importance of being mindful.  


2 family members $30
3 family members $40 
4 family members $50
5 or more is an additional $5 per person