Reiki Healing Sessions
with Lisa from Peaceful Balance

Reiki healing session will begin with conversation on what you are looking to release with the setting of intention for the session. Then with use of hand healing positions, clearing and balancing of your Chakra’s , empathic guidance, and channeling. We will be able to release blockages in your energy. This will help to align your energy and release any negativity that the body, mind or spirit may be holding onto. 

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About Lisa Kristoff

Reiki Practitioner
Quantum Healer

Lisa’s journey as a healer started around 2 years ago. She was looking for something more out of life, her true calling. Lisa found my way to the Indigo Doors and felt so at home. She did the Quantum healing session with Brenda and found it to be enlightening, and so my journey began. As an empath, I have always been sensitive to energy in a room, people’s feelings and just a knowing. Being involved in retreats with The Indigo Doors, she began to understand her gift and true purpose. It seemed only natural to become a Reiki Practitioner. Lisa became certified by Brenda and Wendy at The Indigo Doors. The more she learned and started to practice, the more love she developed for the practice. Lisa uses Reiki in her daily life and would love to have the opportunity to share this gift.