Pranic Healing
with Carrie Viviano

Pranic Healing® is a highly effective, rapid method of balancing the energy field, affording the body the proper opportunity to heal itself.  Pranic Healing® utilizes prana or universal energy to cleanse, balance and energize the body.   It is a no-touch energy modality that works with the energy centers of the body, similar to acupuncture.  In Pranic Healing® the energy centers are manipulated with the hand rather than a needle. This universal energy is all around us; in the air, earth and sun. The practitioner accesses the surrounding energy to assist in the body’s innate ability to heal itself.
Most people after their first healing session, in the least, experience relaxation, feeling lighter (like a weight has been lifted), a reduction in pain and increased energy.

An initial healing session lasts approximately an hour and a half. Subsequent sessions are usually an hour long. Pranic Healing is a no touch therapy. The practitioner’s hands are not placed on the body but are used to energetically sweep and clean the energy field around the client. During a session clients are seated in a chair and have remarked of feelings of relaxation, tingling, calmness, feeling lighter and pain relief, to note a few.

Pranic Psychotherapy

Pranic Psychotherapy sessions are specifically for emotional and psychological issues. By removing the traumatic energy stuck in the chakras, anxiety, addiction, grief, depression, PTSD, phobias and stress are some issues Pranic Psychotherapy can alleviate.

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About Carrie Viviano

Carrie's passion is Pranic Healing and her purpose is to share this amazing healing science with as many people as possible. Her desire is to help others have a deeper understanding of how the world functions related to subtle energy. She hopes to improve people’s lives through the knowledge and understanding of how subtle energy works and helping people incorporate it into their lives to empower themselves, heal their families and themselves. 
She exhibits the drive to help, the drive to make a difference and inspire change through Pranic Healing. She has brought healing and inspiration to her clients through sharing the amazing gifts Pranic Healing offers. Not only has she grown and evolved spiritually, and continues to, she wishes to help others to grow and evolve. She facilitates meditations for the community, introducing Meditation on Twin Hearts to beginning and advanced meditators; a powerful meditation that blesses the earth and humanity with peace, love and goodwill while reaping the benefits of relaxation, mental clarity, increased energy and healing.  
    Carrie first experienced Pranic Healing when she was unusually ill and doctors couldn’t explain what was wrong. She started receiving Pranic Healing treatments on the suggestion of a friend. Being a Reiki Master, she was familiar with energy healing but was amazed at how powerful, immediate and effective Pranic Healing was. Not only did her physical issues subside also the anxiety from not knowing what was wrong was relieved. She was hooked! Two months later she took her first Pranic Healing course.   
Carrie utilizes Advanced Pranic Healing techniques, Pranic Psychotherapy, Crystal Pranic Healing and Cellular Healing to work on simple cases from colds, headaches and fevers to advanced protocols of cancer, anxiety, PTSD, depression and herniated discs. She has worked with all ages from newborns to elderly clients. Visit to learn more about Pranic Healing and the cases she has worked on. 
Her previous occupations and studies have prepared her for her life's work. She has been led to her purpose through orchestrated opportunities which have helped her to learn, grow and work toward her passion. Her diverse background in healthcare, fitness, music and the automotive industry, along with prior studies as a Reiki Master, are represented in those opportunities. All having prepared her for the complex teachings of energy and energy healing. 13 years in fitness and 7 years in healthcare have given her the necessary knowledge of how the physical body functions to work with the body, ailments and energy healing. 
The most important aspect, of all her positions, has been and continues to be, the people and clients she interacts with. Without her clients and all the people she has met along the way, she would not have been given the opportunities to learn, grow and serve. Each relationship, no matter how brief, has touched her life and contributed to her growth and learning. As a Healer she exhibits compassion, a genuine concern, problem solving skills, a determination to help and find a creative solution. She is devoted, willing to help and puts forth an abundance of effort into any case.  
Bachelor’s Degree English and Philosophy