Intuitive Readings and Art

Intuitive Readings with Art
Intuitive Reading with Art is process​​ of connecting with your spirit guides, angels, divine source to channel personalized artwork. Initutive readings provide direction, clarify and messages from your guides. These readings are 60 minute sessions similar to "psychic readings" where I share messages andwith artwork completed before the session.  These paintings are both a beautiful and a connection to the other side.

Intuitive Art Readings $120 ​

Both images on this page are images created for clients, every one is different and unique.
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Quantum Soul Mapping
Quantum Soul Mapping is the process of bridging the other side, tapping into the creative source and materializing it into a painting and drawing. These paintings are fully rendered and have messages for the individual.  Each painting is infused with the energy of the message.  These paintings can be specific spirit guides, spirit animals, angels and their messages to you. They are charged with depths of meaning and imbued with sacred symbolism. Painting is on a 16x20 canvas.​

Quantum Soul Mapping $333