Indigo Healing Retreat
July 14-15

We love our all-day Retreats and decided to go a little deeper with this one!

This two day retreat at our Healing Center in St. Clair Shores, will allow you to let go of the old “baggage” or beliefs and energy that block you from the most magnificent expression of yourselves. This is for all people, even if you have attended this retreat before, these are so unique and powerful and will be divinely guided and perfect for what you need. We will learn and practice how to create a miraculous life for ourselves. These two days will include energy work, psychic/intuitive messages for each person, art activities, meditation and other activities to enhance the greatness that resides within you. It will be a personal and intimate experience to allow you to leave differently than you came! 

Cost is $222 for both days. Limited seats. Preregistration is required.

Saturday from 10am -4pm
Sunday from 10am-3pm

Make sure "Classes" is clicked and scroll down to the date.