Empower yourself, your kids and your family 
We offer a variety of programs for everyone, to boost confidence, expression and overall happiness.

Empowerment Workshops: 

Kids:  We offer a "Kids Empowerment Art Camp" during school breaks and during the summer.  These half day camps are focused around helping kids understand their strengths, to empower them to make healthy choices.  We use yoga, mindfulness, meditation and art in each half day camp.  These are so much fun.  Click here to see when it is being offered. 
Adults:  This is offered in an 8 week course or a full day workshop.  The Empowerment Workshop will explore how judgements, old outdated beliefs systems, and fear based thoughts interfere with your ability to reach your greatest potential.  You will learn how to create, implement, and manifest physical health, feelings of safety, and feelings of love to transform your life! Combining the philosophies, knowledge and skills of a clinical therapist, artist, and spiritual teachers, art and group therapy will be used to empower and help you create positive healthy changes in your life!  Click here to see when it is being offered.

Elementary School, Middle School and High School Empowerment Clubs (After School)

This after-school support group is geared around confidence, self esteem building and communication.  We utilize art activities through this process to make it fun and empowering.  Click here to see when this is being offered.

School Empowerment-Yes we come to your school!

We bring the Empowerment workshop to schools!  We have created an awesome program of art, mindfulness and yoga to create a one of a kind program to help students and teachers with the art of mindfulness which helps creates more peace and less stress in their lives. 

For Teachers:  Mindfulness as Professional Development.  This workshop is held as either a full day or half day workshop teaching the elements of mindfulness, how to use it personally and professionally to help with classroom management and empowerment.  Contact us for more information.

For Students:  This during school or after school workshop empowers kids, teaches them about mindfulness and is a lot of fun because we always incorporate art!