Our list of classes and workshops is continually growing. 
Look below for class descriptions and be sure to click on the calendar to see whats happening this week.  All of our projects incorporate Indigo Art Projects; and all of our art classes incorporate mindfulness and other elements of well being.  
We hope you will join us.

Class Descriptions

Reiki Attunement Classes

Join us on the four steps towards Reiki Mastery.  With each Reiki Attunement course you will receive Reiki  Certification (4 certifications), a Workbook, and hands on training.  Lunch is included.  All course is designed to set the foundation for Reiki Healing to provide tools to help  in your own personal healing and help balance others to allow them to heal faster. These classes are 8 hours and include lunch and snacks.

Going Within Meditation Class

This class will identify the purpose of Meditation including how it effects the biology, mental health, and overall wellbeing. It will explore and practice how to center your attention to go within and what going within might look like. This class will include a guided meditation.  We will provide handouts and mindfulness techniques to practice at home. This class is 2 hours and will include light refresshments. This class will also work on fine tuning our own intuition.  Learning to really listen to our voice and hone our skills of intuitive thought.

Stress/Anxiety Management: Creating the life I want Class

This class is a much shorter version of the full 8 hour workshop. This class will identify what stress is, how it effects the body and your mental health, and healthy techniques and skills to manage stress. This class will also identify internal and external distortions that perpetuate unhealthy stress levels. This class is 2 hours and will provide light refreshments. 

How to create the life I want Class

This class combines some of the philosophies from out other classes by identifying barriers, distoration, and belief systems that impede on our ability to live a joyful and miraculous life. It includes the creation of an art project to manifest the life you want.  This is a 2 hour class and will include light refreshments. 

Mindfulness Painting Classes for adults and children

We have joined forces with the talented staff of The Artist Lounge to create Mindfulness painting.  Their staff will walk people through paintings step by step while learning a bit about mindfulness.  Not only will you walk away with a great painting this class is a great way to have fun and de-stress.  Typically these classes are held on Friday and Saturday evening and they also provide children classes on Saturday afternoons.

1 and 2 day options

Empowerment Workshop

The Empowerment Workshop will explore how judgements, old outdated beliefs systems, and fear based thoughts interfere with your ability to reach your greatest potential.  You will learn how to create, implement, and manifest physical health, feelings of safety, and feelings of love to transform your life! Combining the philosophies, knowledge and skills of a clinical therapist, artist, and spiritual teachers, art and group therapy will be used to empower and help you create positive healthy changes in your life!

Stress and Anxiety Management:
Creating the Life that I want Workshop

This workshop will review and process the significance of stress and anxiety paying close attention to it's purpose in your life to better learn how to live the life you want. You will learn how to identify anxiety, implement behavioral interventions to reduce stress and the resulting behaviors or attitudes, and it will provide varying tools to manifest healthy and positive changes in your life. Combining the philosophies, knowledge and skills of a clinical therapist, artist and spiritual teachers, art and group therapy will be used to empower and help you reduce anxiety and stress in all areas of your life.