We want you to enter the space and feel as if weight has been lifted off your shoulders and when you leave you feel life a different person.  We understand the stress of everyday life and have a variety of services to help people feel restored, more connected and energized to continue to do the work you do.  We feel blessed to be apart of peoples journey.  Schedule your appointment today.

Talk therapy and life coaching

Individual, family and couples therapy with a Clinical Therapist to support the healthy management or coping of mental, emotional and behavioral challenges. No insurance is accepted, at this time.  Brenda offers a uniqe perspective by company intuition, life coaching skills and advanced therapeutic skills to help people create the life they want.

Quantum Healing

This healing incorporates quantum physics, western medical understanding of the biology, and ageless traditional eastern medicines and shamanistic healing practices like Reiki. It incorporates the mental, physical and emotional aspects of all of our human experience to help balance and align our physiology, reduce anxiety and improve health. Cost is $90 for a 60-90 minute session.

Spirit Art and Readings and Intuition Building classes

Spirit painting is the process of bridging the other side, tapping into the creative source and materializing it into a painting and drawing.  These paintings are personal and have messages for the individual.  Each painting is infused with the energy of the message.  These paintings can be specific spirit guides, spirit animals, angels and their messages to you.  These paintings are both aesthetically beautiful and a connection to the other side.

Spirit Art Readings start at $90                                        Spirit Guide/Animal full rendered paintings start at $250


Intuition Building through painting: These are classes geared around developing your own sense of self using your intuition and painting.   The creative process of painting taps into an ancient process of connecting with self and listening to the sub-conscious and/or higher self.  Through these classes we practice tapping into this energy.  It is amazing what we are tell ourselves through the paintings in this class.  These are practice to start listening to yourself, developing your intuition, and communication to your higher power.
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Natural Remedy Room
and Indigo Art Studio

We have cute little shop that offers crystals, books, natural remedies of all sorts, paintings for sale and even jewelry.  We try to pick things that will enhance and continue the connection you have at The Indigo Doors into your homes, work, relationships and life.  The shop is run by KatsEssentials .  Stop in during business hours to see what we have or make an essential oil body or room spray.  Click here for hours.
We also offer top of the line essential oils, blends and through Nature's Wisdom, Flower Essences and remedies.
To help bridge what we eat we also offer Juice Plus!


We offer full massage services.  With over twenty years experience these are amazing.  Half hour, hour and an hour and half time slots available.
Hours available:
4-9pm on Tuesdays
3-9pm on Wednesdays
12-7pm on Fridays

Contact Marla at 586-335-3248
or email at